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Top selling Tips and the right advice

Have you been looking into selling your home or investment property? Taking a hands-on approach to selling your property is the most effective way to help you reach your property goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced when it comes to selling real estate or if it’s your first time. You should always:

  • Set the right price for your home – be guided by us to set the realistic price range;
  • Use modern and effective marketing techniques to showcase your property’s finest features; and
  • Make the small cost-effective improvements that can elevate the value of your property.

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What comes first when selling your home?

Choose your real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate for you and your property is a critical decision that shouldn’t be rushed. There are many real estate agents available to help you with selling property, but finding the right one takes some thought. Your chosen real estate agent should be an expert negotiator and promotor of property, but there are some other options to consider.

When choosing your real estate agent:
  • Search for an experienced agent who understands local trends and market characteristics
  • Learn about marketing techniques and suggestions on selling your home
  • Watch out for agents who lower their commission quickly — they may do the same with your property’s sale price just as quickly
  • Trust your instincts and remember that you will be spending a lot of time with your chosen agent
  • Remember that being comfortable with your agent will increase the chances of a smooth selling process

List your property

Listing your property is the first step you’ll take in your journey as a property seller. At Carlton Real Estate, we help our clients sell their real estate in a timely, stress-free and professional manner.

What about marketing the property?

Marketing your property successfully can help to find a buyer quickly and ensure a smooth selling process. A successful marketing strategy can be broken down into three important elements:

Price, Method of sale and Promotion.


There are two major considerations to be made in regards to price. Firstly, the price at which the property will be promoted, and secondly, the sale price expectation.

The selling price of a property is determined largely by the collective sentiments of interested buyers and in particular, those who actually negotiate a price. Potential buyers have all kinds of information available to establish their own opinion of a property’s value and enlisting the help of an expert real estate agent will assist in achieving the best price possible.

There are three considerations to be made when working with your real estate agent to set a sale price for your property:

  • Where is your property located?
  • How does your property present?
  • Is your property equipped with modern and desirable amenities?

After establishing the value of your property with Carlton Real Estate, it’s time to work out the best pricing strategy to suit.

Method of Sale

There are two main methods for selling you home, through auction or private treaty. We will advise you on the method that is best for your circumstances. It’s important to remember that you, the seller, will always have the final say as to which method is best.


  • Based on an intensive promotional campaign over a set period of time.
  • Designed to attract a wide range of potential buyers to bid competitively for your property.
  • Creating more competition for your property means more aggressive bidding from buyers.
  • Should an attractive offer arise before auction, you could consider it and sell the property prior to auction.
  • A ‘reserve price’ will act as financial protection should bids not reach the minimum price at which you would be willing to sell.
  • This allows your agent to negotiate with interested buyers post auction if there is no sale.

Private treaty

  • Negotiations are carried out ‘in private’ between the agent and the buyer.
  • This method of sale usually involves a ‘fixed price’ or ‘price range’ and the property will be advertised in this way.
  • ‘Public tender’ or Expressions of Interest ‘EOI’ are another form of private treaty where interested buyers ‘tender’ up to a closing date.
  • The seller then has the option to accept or reject offered prices.