Company Profile

Award winning real estate agency in the Southern Highlands

Established in 1982, from a caravan on the side of the Old Hume Highway, Carlton Real Estate was born from very humble beginnings. Founder, Arvo Pikkat had a vision of building a real estate agency that is trusted and specialised in one area and one area only, The Southern Highlands. The company grew organically from his own need of trying to find an agent when buying a home. With the intention of staying hyper localised, Arvo Pikkat grew a large referral network and community of people who trusts his knowledge and expertise.

As of 2020, we have 10+ employees, Carlton Real Estate is a boutique agency offering full service, based at the gateway of the Southern Highlands. It offers end-to-end service in property management of both residential/rural and commercial/industrial, auction services and buying and selling in residential, commercial, rural and industrial.