Emma-Jane Carswell

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Emma-Jane's role at Carlton Real Estate involves overseeing the sector of Commercial, Retail, and Industrial properties within the company's portfolio. She brings to her position a passion for learning, meticulous attention to detail, and a drive for excellence. Her dedication and hard work make her an invaluable asset to the team, and she is highly regarded as an exceptional Commercial Agent.
With over 21 years of commitment to Carlton Real Estate's clients, Emma-Jane has demonstrated her expertise and dedication to her role. As a licensed real estate agent, she holds a Certificate IV in Property Services, further solidifying her qualifications in the field. Her positive attitude, combined with her friendly demeanor enhances the client experience and strengthens relationships with those she serves.
Emma-Jane's forward-thinking approach and 'can do' attitude and outstanding industry knowledge contribute to her success in the extensive commercial portfolios under her responsibility. She continuously seeks opportunities for growth and improvement, ensuring that Carlton Real Estate remains a leader in the industry. Emma-Jane's career trajectory reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence, making her a standout professional within the real estate sector.